Building maintenance

We do understand all Building need maintenance when you just to busy to handle it yourself. We always show kindness, despite how big the problem or small. Each day starts and ends with the customer satisfaction.
Whether  we making a big job, or just smaller jobs happen their always customer appreciation.
We do jobs as follows:

Room painting, General Plumbing,
Carpet cleaning, Strip floors,
Lawn cutting, Hedge cutting, 
Window cleaning, residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and much more. Need a job handle Call today @(412)526-6008


What is life without happiness and unfulfillment. Life is not a do-over but a chance for greatness leave all pettiness behind you as you move to the mark of greatness which is in your future endevis. You can live the best with our service as follow

* Building maintenance
* Unclog drains
* Floor upgrade
* update bathrooms

Building planning

Ingredients that goes into getting every great project done. Whenever going after the impossible focus, must also be in your building projects. Without hard work it is impossible to get you’re building maintenance done. We can handle as follow

*Building Cleaning  
* Bathroom Remodeling
*Window Cleaning
* Kitchen Remodeling
*House Painters


Changes happens don’t matter who you are going through changes, can be a experienced and a very trying time. Maybe you just don’t have enough time to handle all of your home or company maintenance or cleaning. We can help you with handyman service or just cleaning contact TEI Rash Janitorial today.


We know many people need building repairs just to keep up with their building appearance.

We also understand that everyhome or office need to be cleaned and germ-free. However many working people really don’t have the time to put into home cleaning or building repairs needs.

However we just made it very easy for those working people to Reach Out to us for all of their building needs. Our team is already to sign on to become your local handyman and fix all of your building problem needs.


I really despise dirty, disorderly bathrooms because, you can end up spending a lot of time in there. This is why, we really take pride, in the scrubbing and sanitizing, of all our clients bathrooms, but also enjoy handling many other jobs that we currently offer in building maintenance and cleaning care.

Our pricing is not bad but, very reasonable for the kind of service we offer to every residential and Commercial clients. We know@ TEI Rash Janitorial everyone will need building maintenance so, how can we help you today with your project?

Invest in your weakness

People dislike being stressful by finance problems that come with poor planning. However this can only lead to better planning and wiser Investments

I made a conscience decision to invest in me only after working for so many companies. I kept feeling the guilty from not doing more to improve my finances. I really don’t know if anyone can understand the feeling of helplessness you get from having less because of your finances handicap. This is why I can really appreciate my few customers and really enjoy rewarding loyal customers that calls for service.  This has given me the need to provide a great service rather it be for repairs from water drips and water running in the commode for any home or office that needing service.

Invest in your Career

I detest talk the talk and not walking the walk cuz, I know business is action. What’s keeping individuals from their adventure towards their career dream? However with some people it’s seems to be their lack of information, for another is their lack of money. For real you can still make it happen cuz, It’s really about who you know. Nevertheless, If you know someone with information and you happened to have money this can make for a very good joint venture. Presently you wouldn’t have to wait any longer, you could start immediately by taking little steps toward entrepreneurship